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    CHAPTER-30 Varsha Narayana Dasa


    Varsha Narayana Dasa Dasa lengths:

    This is essentially Narayana dasa years88 compressed from 120 to 360 sunny days. If a Rasi’s DASA is of one year, the 3 x n solar days after compression, that is to say a period in which Sun passes through (3 x n) degrees. Dasa order: We find the order Narayana dasa dasa of rasi chart and Narayana dasa division of graphs as in birth charts.

    The only difference is that we must recover natal lagna and use, instead of lagna in the annual chart. Just as we progress Moon of a constellation per year in finding Varsha Vimsottari dasa, we progress lagna by rasi per year in finding Varsha Narayana dasa. In other words, if we take muntha lagna in finding Varsha Narayana dasa.

    This is the link between the birth chart and the chart Tajaka. Let our example 122 and find Varsha Narayana dasa of D-9. Natal lagna in Aries. Because the native began 22 years in 1993, we find the 22 house, ie the 10th house (after removing 12) of Ar and get muntha in Cp. We now find Varsha Narayana dasa assumption that lagna in rasi chart is in Cp.

    Find Narayana dasa of D-9, we have the 9th Lord in rasi chart. Vi is the 9th of Cp and Mercury owner. He is in navamsa Sc and Sc is stronger than Ta. So we start dasa of Sc. Should normally have been dasa order Sc, Ge, Cp, Le, Pi, Li etc. But Saturn is true in SC and “Saturn exception”. So dasas go as Sc, Sg, Cp, Aq, Pi, Ar etc. Sc, Sg, Cp and Aq dasa’s of 7, 4, 2 and 3 years respectively. Compressed to a year, they are 21 and 12, 6 and 9 days of sunshine. This includes 48 days of sun and it’s dasa runs from June 1 to July 20, 1993.

    Fish dasa of 33 days began and brought the marriage. Why Pisces dasa? Well, it contains lagna in D-9 and subhaargala of lagna lord Jupiter and Venus. Navamsa lagna’s dasa as per Varsha Narayana dasa of navamsa is an ideal candidate for bringing the marriage. Exercise 48: A resident born on April 4, 1970 at 17:50 (IST) at 81 E 12 16 N 15 married on August 1, 1993.

    Make sure navamsa lagna’s dasa as per varshas Narayana dasa of navamsa was performed at the time of marriage. Check the current dasa and antardasa as per Patyayini dasa and Mudda Dasa – at the time of the wedding – belonged to lagna/7th lord in rasi / navamsa. Patyayini usually gives better results than Mudda dasa dasa. However Varsha Narayana dasa dasa is the best for Tajaka yearly charts. So we will see more examples of Varsha Narayana dasa. Example 123: The native of Exercise 48 went from India to the U.S. for his masters degree in engineering, on August 15, 1991.

    He went on a scholarship from a university in the U.S.. Let us be the time trip abroad with Varsha Narayana dasa of D-4. Varsha Pravesh dates: April 5, 1991, 03:05:33 (CEST), 81 E 12 16 N 15 In rasi chart, lagna, Saturn and Rahu. Both planets to live away from the place of birth. Jupiter owns 12th – living away from home – and he is exalted in 7 – a long journey.

    In D-4 (see Chart 68), 9th and 12th lord Mercury is 7 shows a long trip to a foreign country. Mars owns 7 (long trips) and he is 9. Sun holds Paradesa saham and jalapatana saham and he is in 12th – foreign countries – in D-4. For all these reasons, the indigenous abroad during the year. ketu Although rasi chart has lagna in Cp, muntha or annual ascendant advanced in Ge. We must use Ge as lagna for Varsha Narayana dasa. The 4th house of Ge is Vi and Mercury owner. He, Ar is in D-4. Sleigh with two planets is stronger than Li with a planet. Dasas go as Ar, Ta, Ge Cn etc. Virgo dasa ran during August 10 to 26, 1991.

    The native went abroad on 15th/16th August 1991, during the dasa Virgo, Gemini antardasa as per Varsha Narayana dasa of D-4. Virgo is the 12th house of the lord of Padesa saham and jalapatana saham. Gemini is the 9th house lord 7. Lord of both Virgo and Gemini is Mercury and he is in the 7th house.

    Example 124: The native of Exercise 48 was State First in Intermediate (Secondary School) examinations in AP state of India on May 28, 1987 and he was selected for the Indian Institute of Technology (India’s top engineering school) on June 1, 1987. Let the time this academic success with Varsha Narayana dasa of D-24.

    Varsha Pravesh dates: April 5, 1987, 02:15:41 (CEST), 81 E 12 16 N 15 Vidya saham Mr Mars in the 5th house in rasi chart. He shows that education in own sign in D-24 (see Chart 69). He is in the 3rd house from AL in D-24, with material success (in education, because this is in D-24).


    Muntha in Aq in rasi chart. Take as Aq lagna, 12th house is Cp. His lord is Saturn. He, Ar, D-24 and Ar is stronger than Li. So Varsha Narayana dasa of D-24 is as Ar, Ta, Ge, etc. Cn Cn dasa runs during May 26 to June 17, 1987. This dasa brought academic success. Why? (1) Cn contains lagna lord and shows prosperity to the matters indicated by the graph, namely education. (2) It is the 11th of AL and gives profit in the state (of course only in the field of education). (3) Mr. Moon in the 5th house. (4) The 5th house it has a very strong Mars in own sign. In addition, Mars has vidya saham and covers 5 in rasi chart.

    Example 125: The native of Exercise 48 had a son on August 21, 1998.Let this time with Varsha Narayana dasa of D-7. Varsha Pravesh dates: April 4, 1998, 21:59:49 (CEST), 81 E 12 16 N 15 In rasi chart, lagna in Sc and Putra saham in Ar Lord Mars in 5th house. D-7 shows children. In D-7, Jupiter and he owns 5 5 of 11 aspects (see Chart 70).



    This resulted in a son in the year.

    Muntha in Cp in rasi chart. The 7th house is in Cn. Moon owns. Moon is in Cp and Cp in D-7 is stronger than Cn. So Narayana dasa of D-7 starts from Cp and goes like Cp, Sg, Sc, Li, etc. Ge dasa of 24 solar days began just before the birth of the son. Why did Ge give a child in his D-7 Varsha Narayana dasa (1) Ge is the 11th house in D-7, showing happiness with regard to children. (2) Ge has Jupiter, the significator of children. (3) Ge has Jupiter, the 5th lord who aspects 5. (4) The 3rd house is the 11th of five shows and childbirth.

    His exalted lord Venus aspects Ge. (5) Mars has Putra saham and he aspects Ge. (6) Putra pada (arudha pada of 5) Ge aspects of Vi. Gemini is a clear candidate simply because the 11th and 5th lord Jupiter occupies. Exercise 49: Given that the native of Exercise 48 bought a car in 1995 to 1996, time try using Varsha Narayana dasa of D-16.

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